Big Jay Oakerson

Episode 439 - Eddie Izzard, Trevor Noah, Tig Notaro, Big Jay Oakerson, Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers kicks the tires on this whole hosting-an-interview-show thing. Big Jay Oakerson wrestles with an awkward encounter of the thrid kind. Tig Notaro reflects on surviving the toughest period of her life. Trevor Noah explains what it’s like to deal with comedy stemming from apartheid in South Africa. Eddie Izzard searches for a universal language. Live from Just For Laughs Montreal. This episode is sponsored by

Episode 255 - Big Jay Oakerson

Big Jay Oakerson did not take the traditional path into comedy. Of course, being a bouncer for stag party strippers and a dress-up Elmo for children’s birthday parties isn’t the traditional path into anything. Jay regales Marc with his wild road stories and chronicles the rise and fall of his infamous closing bit. This episode is sponsored by Click on the radio microphone and enter WTF for a no risk trial and bonus offer.