WTF in the Press


‘WTF’ Comedian Marc Maron, Success on His Own Terms

You can never say the name of comedian Marc Maron’s show on the radio, and maybe that’s the point. He doesn’t...

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WTF Podcaster Marc Maron on Being the Comedians’...

“All my career was driven by spite,” Marc Maron confessed, not for the first time, a couple of weeks ago on WTF,...

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Marc Maron of the WTF Podcast and “A Day in the Life”

There’s one of those end-of-a-baseball movie moments at the end of this episode of A Day In The Life, and it’s in...

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Chicago Tribune

WBEZ hoping comedy podcast will also be popular on radio

On the podcast “WTF With Marc Maron,” extraordinary things happen. Gallagher, the prop comic who we learn is bitter...

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Vanity Fair

Marc of Success

I was very happy to see the Times profile of that Dostevskyan cut-up and prodigious podcast host Marc Maron, even...

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Sacramento Press

Maron brings WTF Podcast style to Sacramento

The recipe for the evening at the Punchline Comedy Club in Sacramento : a lot of self-reflective humor, a pinch of...

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The New York Times

The Comic Who Explores Comedy’s Darkest Side

HERE’S a riposte you’re not likely to hear in an interview by Jay Leno or Charlie Rose: “You’ve got to have...

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Rolling Stone

The 10 Funniest People, Videos and Things of the Coming...

Acid-tongued, rage-prone satirist Marc Maron has been a stand-up-circuit fixture since the Eighties, hosting Comedy...

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PSU Vanguard

WTF are you laughing at?

Marc Maron is an open wound. It may be hard to understand why that is a compliment at first, but listen to his raw and...

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Seattle Weekly

Bumbershoot Comedy Report I: Marc Maron

“After 25 years of service to the comedy industry, now I work in my garage?” Marc Maron sound both disgusted and...

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Entertainment Weekly

The Must List

The acclaimed stand-up is a master of the conversational funny whether he’s complaining about ill-fitting jeans or...

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The Onion A.V. Club

Interview: Marc Maron

Marc Maron’s comedy falls somewhere between Woody Allen’s self-deprecating rants and Lenny Bruce’s angry,...

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Time Out

An alt-comedy pioneer stays vital while asking WTF?

Marc Maron’s emotionally unsparing stand-up regularly inspires such adjectives as dark and neurotic. So the veteran...

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City Pages

Marc Maron

“I don’t know how to have casual conversation with any real success,” says comedian Marc Maron, and he isn’t...

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WTF, Indeed

In both his podcast and his potential new show for Comedy Central, Marc Maron poses the central question of our age.

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Vanity Fair

For Your Listening Pleasure

If you haven’t subscribed to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast (via iTunes, etc), remedy this, immediatement. Because the show,...

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