This Is How I Gamble.

Enough already, People!

I’m talking to myself. Primarily about food but I guess that is my problem.

I’m just in it. I’m doing a lot of standup sets and some things never change. If there are a few guys around and we’re all jacked up from doing multiple sets, it's time to go somewhere not that healthy and eat at midnight. It’s just the way the life is. It’s a reward to a degree but most of the time it’s just to hang out where there are people and talk. It’s a beautiful thing actually but it may kill me.

It’s interesting how I justify food. Usually I go through time of not eating so well and then I kind of lock down and eat healthy for a few weeks then slowly slip back into the bad for a few weeks and it just goes on like that—for my entire life. The discipline to just eat moderately and healthy alludes me. I think it’s because it's no fucking fun and there is nothing better than stuffing your face with horrible satisfying garbage. And even if it's not garbage, just things that aren’t that good for you. I guess life is something you want to go on for as long as possible but when you are staring down at certain menus it seems like chocolate bread pudding and vanilla ice cream might be worth taking a few days off on the back end—I mean anything could happen, right? It might not contribute to your demise at all. This is how I gamble I guess and I’m not sure there is real joy in depravation. So, I will continue to negotiate with food and shame. That said, I hope you are having a nice Memorial Day and that you don’t burn your meat. I think that is good advice any day.

I’m doing as many sets as possible here in town. Almost exclusively at The Comedy Store and a few at Largo. It really is wild to realize that most of the nights of my adult life have been spent in rooms waiting for and watching comedians. Through everything that has happened in my life physically, mentally, emotionally this has been the constant. This has been what grounds and defines me. I understand it. I live it. How do I grow it? That’s always the big question.

Today I have an amazing talk with Chris Gethard.  I also spend a bit of time with Quincy Jones, the comic. On Thursday Joe Wong talks about doing comedy in China and Doug Stanhope talks about his dead mom. Great week.


Boomer lives!