There Are Greater Forces at Work.

Furious, People.

I am livid. I am angry because I am sick. I know that is not the best mode to be in when your body is trying to fight something but it is the mode I am in. I am fighting anger and sickness. I’m not terminally ill or anything. I just have a cold and my voice is all fucked up. I’m supposed to do The Tonight Show tomorrow and my voice is bad. Maybe it will bounce back. I don’t understand the timing of these things. I guess assuming that there are greater forces at work that dictate the timing of obstacles is probably not helpful. When shit is bad that is not the time to start believing that God exists and exists solely to make your life difficult. That seems a bit self-centered, not spiritual.

I have done a few things while I have been here in NYC. I got tickets to see Shuffle Along, or the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed. It’s a musical. It was pretty amazing. I went because I was given the opportunity the talk to the theater director George C. Wolfe. It was an exciting conversation that I will share with you soon. I’ve enjoyed being given the opportunity to see theater the last few times I’ve been here. This is the first musical I’ve seen in years. All the things that happen to me at musicals happened. I got excited, I cried just because there were so many people dancing and singing, and I found myself really thinking about staging and choreography because I knew I was going to talk to George. It’s an incredibly accessible but very deep show about theater, race, art, relationships, aging, death, dancing and show business among other things. Theater is so fucking real. You can feel it, even if its bad, but this was great. So, look forward to that chat.

I also saw Don Cheadle’s movie ‘Miles Ahead.’ I don’t know what the critics are saying about it but I thought it was a blast. It was kind of all over the place and kind of hallucinatory but I think that was exactly the point. It was also very funny in places. He was able to make Miles Davis a broken, comedic character, at that period in his life when he was reclusive, drugged out and not making music. The entire movie was like a wild meditation of what a secluded, blocked Miles would’ve been like with tidbits of truth spread throughout but it was more of a riff on Miles not riffing. It’s definitely worth seeing.

Today I talk to Garry Marshall about the history of Garry Marshall in show business. He’s done some things that molded many young minds. Open Mike Eagle also stops by on today's show to talk about his new album. Thursday I’m very excited to have Ali Wong on the show and she does something that has never been done in the garage and something I have never been part of or seen. No spoilers. Her new Netflix Special, ‘Baby Cobra’ premieres May 6th and it’s one of the best standup specials I’ve seen in years.


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