Trying to Help Out.

Yes, folks!
The Trepany House tickets are moving fast for the entire run in May/June. If you want to come be part of the power-floundering workshops, get tickets now. You can get them here or go to and get the link to tickets there. 
So glad that the responses to the new episodes of ‘Maron’ were so varied and good. I knew it was heavy. I knew it would be hard to watch in parts. I knew it was funny but I didn’t know what everyone would think. It affected everyone who watched it differently. I can say this: The Marc on the show does get a bit better but things in his life get even weirder. That’s all I’ll give you. 
I was nervous about depicting recovery. Having been in recovery for 16 years in row, and on-and-off before that for another eight, I learned to be very protective of the secret society. You learn that it is a program of attraction rather than promotion. I know all that. I get it. I also understand the disease and what it means to people when they are stuck in it. There is a way out. Rehab and recovery are realities that many people deal with in one way or another. The challenge for us as writers was to respect and honor both addiction and recovery and be funny. 

There were three of us in recovery from addictions on staff and one of us who had done some co-dependency recovery. The beauty was that we were all working from direct experience. Obviously, I hope, we are doing a comedy but I think the addiction/recovery elements rang very true. Some of the funniest things I have ever heard are stories from people who have have gone to hell and back, or almost back, with drugs and alcohol. That is a truth. Most of us eventually have a pretty good sense of humor about what we went through. Also, humor is good in depicting something that is mysterious, daunting and embarrassing to most people. I couldn’t be happier with how we handled the recovery episodes and recovery in general as an underlying theme of the show. I am very public about my sobriety. I don’t represent a program. You can do whatever works for you but if you need to do it, do it, or it will do you. Just a heads up. Trying to help out. 
Today I talk to Clark Gregg about acting and his start and the beginning of The Atlantic Theater Company. It's another important pocket of the history of modern acting and theater. Good talk. On Thursday Sturgill Simpson and I talk country music and the journey we take to get to ourselves. Love that guy. New album is stellar. 


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