He Picked Me Over Them.

Hey, Folks!

I will be doing workshop sets at the Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theater in May and June starting May 10th. You can get tickets here.

It a rough week for a lot of people. There’s been a lot of sadness and death around. There is everyday, I guess, but when it hits us all at once it's daunting. Prince is dead. He wasn’t one of my guys full-on but I certainly recognize his genius and love his work. It’s a big void when the big geniuses leave this plane. We have a lot of his stuff though, so that’s good that he left it here.

A friend of mine is going through a real tragic loss and it’s just so random and unexplainable when horrible things happen and you realize how fragile life truly is. Devastating at times. My heart goes out to him and his family. 

I’m on my way now to a Garry Shandling memorial service. Unreal. I believe that it will be a sad but funny celebration of his life. Grief is horrible but necessary. I’m not sure I know how to experience it.  Humor helps. There’s a lot of death around lately. I don’t like it.

I was able to help at least one person this week with grief. I was pulling out my driveway and heading down my hill. A car was coming up the hill and it stopped beside me. There was a couple in the car. The man was driving. He said they were feeding a deaf black cat for month and it just disappeared. He asked me if I had seen it or if I knew the cat. I said, “Yes, he lives under my house. He’s getting all fat. He’s doing fine.” The women in the car seemed relieved but upset by this. She said, “Why would he go away? We were feeding him for so long.” She was hurt. These feral cats just don’t care who they hurt with their shifting loyalties. I know they come and go. I’ve had some around for months and then they disappear for months. I thought Deaf Black Cat was dead for a while but it turns out he was just hanging out with them. I guess I feel good that I got him back but I’m sorry they went through not knowing what happened to him. I think they are relieved he is not dead but kind of mad that he picked me over them. I’ve got the good food. The high-end shit. The crack for the wild guys.

Today I talk to self-destructive prank clown Steve O about some pretty deep shit. Great interview. Solid dude. On Thursday I talk to Rob Reiner. I haven’t done it yet so we will all find out together how that goes.


Boomer lives!