The Boots.

Hola, Peoples!

How’s things by you? Things are okay here. I’m looking outside as I type this and nothing is on fire, as far as I can see…but they’re probably coming.

A reminder to all of you in Los Angeles! We are doing our only LA book talk and signing this Sunday, October 29th at 7pm.That's it. One night only, at the Ann and Jerry Moss Theatre at the Herb Alpert Educational Village in Santa Monica.

If you haven't seen me and Brendan do our thing, you will enjoy it. We'll talk about Waiting for the Punch, but we also talk about behind-the-scenes stuff from the podcast, some secrets that you don't know about, we take questions from the audience, and we'll sign your stuff.  Bring your copy of Waiting for the Punch if you already have one, or you can get one with your ticket. 

Go here to get tickets or go to the tour page of

Also, Brian R. Jones has a new batch of cat mugs. If you want to get a cat mug just like the ones I give to my guests, go to to get yours. They go on sale today at 12 noon Eastern, 9am Pacific. And they always go fast. 

This last week had been busy. I’m getting back into the groove of shooting GLOW. We finish up the first episode today and head into the second on Tuesday. The stories are good. I have some new shirts but my jeans and boots will be the same. I guess the idea is that if it isn’t broken, why fuck with it? I’m good with one pair of jeans for three months. That’s what I do anyway. As for the boots, they had them made because the originals fucked with my feet but they liked the shape so much they brought the guy who made the cowboy boots for Deadwood in to make them for me. They’re nice and soft and just right. I was thinking about maybe getting back into cowboy boots. I remember there was a time when I burned through a few pairs of Tony Lamas back in the day. I must’ve been in my late teens/early twenties. I don’t think I can pull them off now. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’m not even sure my work boot obsession is necessary. What is necessary? I might need the work boots though. I don’t what’s coming down the pike.

Shit, now I’m thinking about shoes. I went through a pretty heavy Clarks Desert Boots thing for years. Black Desert Boots. I even sent a pair to the one place that Clarks approved for resoling Wallabees and Desert Boots with that one-inch thick snot-like compound sole goo. They were never the same. That’s where I learned to rotate boots if you want them to last. I guess this was about boots today. Fuck it.

Today I talk to Willem Dafoe about Willem Dafoe stuff and the amazing new film ‘The Florida Project.’ Interesting guy. I think he got a little snippy with me at some point. On Thursday, I talk to Lizzie Goodman about her book, ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom.’ Good talks.


Boomer lives!