Meaning is Hard to Come By.


The air in LA is toxic today. I read it was worse than Bejing. I’ve been to Bejing and it was like breathing evaporated garbage. I have a headache and my lungs ache. Great. The future is bright.

I’m writing this Sunday night and I just got back from Santa Monica where Brendan and I did a book talk. Well, its more like a WTF talk. We talk about what we do. If you haven’t seen us do our thing you should come out. We’re doing one more scheduled show in Seattle at Third Place Books in Seward Park on Saturday, Nov. 11 at 7PM. Come out if you can. I’m excited to be up there and to eat fish.

The crowd was great in Santa Monica tonight. I really like seeing everyone. Makes me feel like my life’s work means something. Meaning is hard to come by in these dark times where things seem pointless in relation to what seems like inevitable doom. But even saying that needs to be pushed back against. The human spirit must transcend and there is only one way for that to happen and that is to let it transcend and not be devastated.

It’s work. I’m not a spiritual person and I don't believe I could be one, but I have my moments. I cry during songs sometimes when I sing with them. I was listening to Alison Kraus and Gillian Welch do their version of ‘I’ll Fly Away’ and I came very close to letting Jesus into my heart. Then I realized I was just moved by the spiritual poetry of the song and their amazing voices and harmonies and I just let the tears come. I listened to it twice through, sang with it, had the feelings, cried, felt the catharsis and got out of my car and into my life. It was enough to touch the human spirit and let that into my heart. I don’t even know what Jesus was doing hanging around in my car. He got out too. I said, "Sorry! You tried." He shrugged, walked off and said, "I’m around." I said, "I get it."

Today I talk to comedian Joy Behar about her journey to The View and stand up and other stuff. On Thursday I talk to the great unsung blues hero John Hammond. Love that guy. Great talks.


Boomer lives!