The Discomfort.


How’s the end of the world going for everyone? I’m okay. 
I was just up in Northern Cali and the wildfires are obviously devastating and awful. My heart goes out to anyone who lost homes, people, pets, cars, just awful and terrifying. The air in San Francisco was thick with smoke and the stink of burning everything. I really hope they get them under control soon. 
Brendan and I did our comedy team act at the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission theater last Friday. It’s always great to see the fans come out and hang a bit. It was good talk. The sound was rough and I personally think the chairs were too comfortable. I don’t like working movie theaters. Those seats are designed for passive engagement. Our voice was coming out of the surround sound system so most people could hear us talking into the mic then, a split second later, hear it come out of the speakers. It was hard to adjust, but we managed. I didn’t snap or lose my shit. It was close. Felt like I was tripping. I feel that way always in SF. Untethered. Tweaked. 
We sold a lot of books at both live events. I’m glad it’s getting out there. 
I have to put on my Sam pants today and I think they will be too tight. I’m so fucking uncomfortable. Is it worth it to get off nicotine if I'm going to put on weight? The worst. Hate feeling chubby. Now I have to start shooting the new season of GLOW and in my mind (and pants) Sam is a little chunkier. Marc doesn’t like being chunky but I imagine Sam doesn’t really give a fuck. That will be the challenge of my acting this season. Not giving a fuck that Marc feels porky and Sam doesn’t care. I’ll use it. Thrive on the energy, the discomfort. Looking forward to getting back into the show, just not the pants. I tried to stay good and lose some weight before shooting so I had room to gain a few crafty/catering pounds but that didn’t fucking happen. I quit the shit and my metabolism got all sluggish because I’m not jacking it up and I got the middle doughy part going on. Fuck me. Fuck it. Fat. 
Today I talk to the amazing Tracy Ullman about her show on HBO and her life. On Thursday Egyptian comic and dissident Bassem Youssef talks about his experiences creating Egypt's version of The Daily Show and then being forced to flee the country. 


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