That's the Plan.

Now it’s real, people. 

Yesterday was the first open house. Apparently about three hundred people came by. I got the garage pretty stripped down, yet still functional for the showing. I know a few fans came by because they posted pics of MY garage on their Twitter and Instagram feeds. It’s cool. I think that’s why I left it in tact. I knew a few folks just wanted to see it. It’s also always humbling and good to know just how many people have no idea who I am. Obviously I don’t think I’m some huge celebrity but it's good know that podcasts are still special in a way and that the relationship I have with my audience is special and even secret in a way. So, don’t tell too many people that we hang out.

I believe the actual move of the equipment will happen at the end of this week. Should be recording in the new garage next week. It’s going to be a mess for a while and it might take a bit to get the shelves and books and posters and art and sound foam panels up but I will be sitting there at a mic next week. That’s the plan. It will be like the beginning of the podcast. Just me at a table surrounded by piles of stuff that was basically just being stored in the space. I guess it will be a little different but the same vibe.

I know this seems like a slow and very mediated separation from my old house but this is what is happening. I think the place will be sold by the end of this week. I’ve spent some meditative time in the new garage the last few days trying to figure out where to set up the table and the mics. I’ll miss the dogs and the choppers that sometimes made an appearance on the show but I think we’ll have plenty of yardwork noise to contend with and there seems to be a lot of birds around the new house. Doves, I think. Doves.

So, I’ve been watching Stranger Things. I should say I’ve been compulsively consuming it. Made it through all of season one and one episode of season two in a couple of days. I think that’s why I don’t watch most things. I kind of think I don’t care but I think the real truth is I won’t be able to get out or have a life if there are a lot of episodes of anything I get into (and I can get into to most things, really). I have that kind of addictive, completist disposition when it comes to most things that interest me or make me feel good. Also, it triggered some of my old ‘Shadow Government’ propensities to the point where I thought the first six episodes were completely possible. Now I have to finish it.

Today I have what is really a limited discussion with Sean Penn about his book and some other stuff. Intense guy. I also have a short fun talk with director Lynn Shelton about her new movie ‘Outside In.’ Great movie. On Thursday the fellas from They Might Be Giant come by for some lively chatting. Great talks.


Boomer lives!