Some things just aren’t getting any better are they?

I’ll keep talking to people and staying as human as possible without falling into myself or losing my shit entirely. There are still good things in the world. We have to protect them when and if possible.

I seek meaning through obsession with dumb stuff. I bought this odd mustard-colored Filson chamois shirt a couple of years ago on sale in Denver. I’d wear it occasionally but I didn’t commit to it. When I commit to something it becomes one of the three things I wear all the time. Whether it be jeans, boots or shirts. Well, the other day I felt myself finally committing to the shirt. The day after that feeling I wore the shirt to do some shows. I always know there is a possibility that I will stick an open pen in my pocket and stain the shirt in the obvious way that happens. I am aware and vigilant about it. Somehow, I managed to do that to my new shirt that I had just made vows too. I couldn’t handle it. I knew I could just let it go. It’s just a shirt and it’s not that big a deal but it’s all I can see on that shirt now. I was just going to grieve and let it go but I couldn’t. I got online and tried to find one. They don’t make them anymore so I didn’t know if I could. I did. On eBay. It’s supposedly unworn and still has the tags. We’ll see. I know one thing, when it comes, that other shirt is out. In a bag. I will take it to Goodwill and forget this heartbreak every happened.

Thursday this week is our 900th episode. I’ll spend a little time going through the garage as I am dismantling it. I guess I will be reflecting but I will also be assessing. I will be trying to access the feelings that have transpired in there between me and myself and me and other people. It is a special structure. A ritual space in a way. I think I’m either in denial about the move or genuinely excited to get started in the new space. It’s a garage. You all need to know that. It’s just a little bigger and has a bathroom. It has low ceilings and limited light and I think it’s going to be an amazing place to do the show. I have no doubt that no matter how much I tell myself that I am going to do a major house cleaning in terms of what I keep and what goes in the new garage that almost everything will end up in the new place and there will still be room for new clutter and STUFF. See, that might be the real reason I am moving. I didn’t feel I had enough room for the growing stacks of stuff on the floors and I needed more wall space for weird art and artifacts. I really think it will be good. I am excited. I’m ready to expand into larger garage and work on my hoarding.

Also on the 900th show I will be talking to Nick Nolte. It makes sense. He tells stories bouncing around from era to era like all the fragments are connected. That was sort of my experience going through my stuff in the garage. I guess all our minds and memories are sort of garages and storage spaces for stuff that means something to you or did at some point in your life and every once in a while you pick it up and look at it. 

Today on the show I talk to Nell Scovell about a life in TV comedy writing. Also today I talk to Bill Hader a bit about his new show Barry on HBO.


Boomer lives!