Some Relief.

Hey, People.

I’ll keep it brief. It’s hard to be too glib or self-involved or detached knowing that we are losing an American city and there are thousands of people whose lives have been devastated in hours. Houston is underwater. It’s an awful catastrophe and my heart goes out to everyone who is dealing with that as their present situation. It’s just horrifying.

Find out what you can do to help and stay vigilant about what this implies on a cultural level, political level and survival of the species level.

Almost everything on every level seems to be at a breaking point if not already broken. I will try to keep providing some relief the best way I know how--talking about my own bullshit and to other people about theirs.

Today I have a very engaged talk with actor Jay Baruchel. Sharp kid. Great actor. Decent human. On Thursday, I talk to one the most amazing drummers in the world Steve Jordan. We talk jazz and Stones and Letterman and Lee Morgan. Good talks!


Boomer lives!