Push Back.

Damn, People. 

The army of unfuckable hate nerds has, at least partially, been radicalized by American white nationalist terrorist organizations and we have a president who refuses to condemn Nazis outright for fear of alienating a good portion of his base. Good times, America. End times, American-style. Tragic disaster of a situation. National fucking emergency. We’ll get through it, right? Fight the good fight, right?

I guess there’s some solace in that these groups look a ragtag travelling circus of angry teenage boys, old racists and militia doofuses. I think I actually saw some homemade wooden shields, Darth Vader helmets and a couple light sabers. Misguided, alienated boys. I guess that's the fodder of every army. There was loss of life and it is sad. It’s important to remember that this is a minority and we have to stand up to the hate nationally and in our own lives. This shit infuses the culture in weird ways like a virus that brings out the worst in some relatively good people. There’s a difference between having differing opinions and seemingly encouraging a permissive environment for evil ideas, hate and violence. Sure, you can say we have freedom of speech but when you do shit that is fucked up there needs to be consequences. We can all agree on that and push back whenever we see it.

 How will authoritarianism evolve here? By people not thinking it’s happening or by not paying attention and thinking it doesn’t really affect or change their lives. This shit affects everyone, even if you are sleeping, literally or metaphorically. And it's happening. 
On a lighter note, I think America will be the best damn authoritarian country in the world because when Americans set their minds to something they can do anything and be great! Relax. Joke. 
It was sadly perfectly timed that I’m posting a talk I had with Kareem Abdul Jabbar today. We talked a few weeks ago but his comments about white supremacy were prescient and necessary to hear today after this embarrassing tragedy of a weekend. On Thursday, I talk to Jennifer Jason Leigh about a lot of things but she’s in this new movie called ‘Good Time’ which is menacingly good. 


Boomer lives!