Real Hot.

Hey, Folks!

Right out of the gate I should tell you that my new Netflix Special ‘Marc Maron: Too Real’ premiers tomorrow, Tuesday, September 5th! I think I was funny and it looks fucking great. Check it out. Queue it up. Do what you have to do.

I just got back from a party at Jeff Ross’s house. He’s lives up in the hills and when I was driving back it started to pour for a few minutes and I was just hoping it was long enough to put out the fires that are eating up the hills of Burbank and Glendale. Every day it’s hard for my brain to pass up the opportunity to connect the apocalyptic dots and feel like we are full on in it to end it. Floods, fires, the unleashing of nuclear devastations, etc. 

The weird thing is I kind of like it when it gets real hot. I can rephrase that. Real dry hot. Humidity can go fuck itself. There’s something about dry heat that is mind altering for me. Granted, as you know, I don’t do any drugs or elixirs and now I’m off the nicotine and coffee caffeine so I’m pretty planted in the real when I’m not falling down a hole inside my head. To walk out into 104 degree temperature and feel the water in my body actually start to burn out of me and not even collect on my skin because it evaporates is the beginning of the buzz. That weird feeling of lightheadedness and the heated atmospheric weight of the air crushing down on me and literally baking my body is kind of relaxing for a bit. As soon as I’m about to pass out—back into the AC. I’m just trying to find a positive spin and a little hope for species adaptation in these end times. For those of us who don’t believe in some sort of savior driven evacuation of the planet to the eternal happy place, we have to gird up the loins of our minds and prepare for the worst of what those who want it to end one way or the other are doing.

I’m focusing on gut flora. Trying to get the bacterial blossoms in my lower guts leveled and sated and healthy. Between coffee and nicotine, I don’t think they’ve had a good go of it. So, I’m trying to get them buttressed and populated. Eating the krauts and kimchi. Shooting back some probiotic sour milk tasting things that boast like 45 billion of the little guys that I’m supposed to host and feed. I was told that they need prebiotic stuff to eat which is like cold cooked yams, jicama and asparagus. So, I'm eating that. Apparently unrefined sugars get the bad bugs going. Trying to stay away from those. Just trying to get the guys in the gut balanced because that is the operational source and core of the vessel apparently. I did just eat a hearty slice of oven baked mac and cheese at Jeff’s. Hopefully there was something for all my bugs.

Today I talk to Warren Hutcherson. We started together as comics and he’s gone on to work as writer for many shows. I always like his jokes. We haven’t talked in years. On Thursday Lorde and I talk about Peter Green, Paul Simon, Phil Collins, pop music and keeping it sad. Great talks.


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