Yes, People. 

It is happening. I’ve started to box up the garage. It’s good. It’s actually a great experience for me. I’m spending some time with everything in there individually. Tchotchkes, books, notebooks, fan art, files of garbage, bits and pieces of bitter with things on them. All of the things have some connection to me. It’s wild. I’ll be throwing parts of me away. I can’t have too much of me around. Obviously, nothing amazing. Just parts of me that don’t resonate with me anymore. I think that’s reasonable. Who needs non-resonating parts of themselves around to remind them of times that perhaps resonated badly?

I think the reason I’m not freaking out entirely outside of liking my new home is that I have time. Even when I moved into the new house I did it a few boxes at a time over a few months. That is the way to move. Emotional transitioning slowly. Also, I just cant deal with the chaos and panic of moving everything at once. And it’s easier to decide what to throw away if you go slow.

Also, I’m doing all the things to make my house nicer that I never did while I lived there. It could’ve been better there for me but I guess I just want the next person to have that. I went with Ernie the handyman and picked up a new water heater, put that thing in. It’s nice and clean and works perfectly. I’m going to do some work on the sewer line that I’ve been putting off. The new paint and finished floors look great. Everything is clean. I had the windows washed for the first time EVER. In the entire time I lived there I never had them washed. I have a great view up there. I didn’t even know how great.

I am still more excited than sad and I think that is good.

Today on the show I talk to Ted Danson about Ted Danson stuff. Great guy. On Thursday I talk to David Mamet who I didn’t tell I was feverish and I think he may have though he made me sweat but actually it was just sickness. Great talks!


Boomer lives!