Getting Emotional.

Hey, People!

I’m a little harried. I’m trying to watch a few minutes of the Oscars and write this and get ready to go do my shows at the Ice House. I’m in a spiral because I can’t figure out how to get out of the commercial on my streaming service. Maybe I’m just an old guy who needs cable because I’m too stupid or unfocused to understand how to stream.  Also, for some reason my space bar is double spacing spontaneously. So, before I edited this, you would’ve thought I was having a seizure. Small problems. I’ve just watched like 20 minutes of fucking commercials and all I want is to watch some celebrities winning and losing stuff in pretty clothes and watching Jimmy Kimmel be funny in what must be a fairly tough situation. Still commercials. I’m losing my shit. 

Ok, its back on.

I’d like to say that I’m not jealous. I am a little but in a different way. I got a taste. Getting a taste is not the best thing for an addict. I’m not even jealous of anything specific. Just being part of something I guess. I think I would feel like I wasn’t part of it even if I was sitting at the event. I have a dumb brain. Self-centered brain. A brain that isolates me sometimes.

I’m crying now.  No reason. Someone is getting emotional for winning something. I don’t know even know who they are. They are emotional. It’s making me cry.


Why am I not prepping for my shows? I need to do new shit and I napped and spun out today and now as I write this and watch the Oscars and am also trying to put together a set for tonight. WHY CANT I MANAGE MY TIME PROPERLY? WHY CAN'T I BE MORE DISCPILINED WHEN IT COMES TO CREATING MY SHIT?

Okay. We’re through that. Whatever happens will happens.

Today I talk to the intense and powerful Sharon Stone. It was intimidating but I relaxed into it. On Thursday I have a very lively chat with David Oyelowo. Great chats!


Boomer lives!