It's Tragic On All Levels.

Horrible, Folks-

I feel bad. The fact that mass shootings have become something we live with is fucking awful. The fact that some people, including legislators, just see it as the cost of doing business and the price of ‘freedom’ is ridiculous. It really seems like nothing can change because of a baseless paranoia that has become ideology thanks to a persistent, hypnotic messaging that feeds on the fear of the hateful. If it didn’t change when a bunch of six-year-olds got killed it’s not going to change when a bunch of adults at a gay nightclub get killed. And now the argument to arm everyone and/or ethnic purging is hammered by the same messengers because the shooter is one of 'them.'  It’s tragic on all levels.

My sympathies go out to everyone in America. My condolences got out to everyone who lost someone. My frustration and anger remain.

How do you justify your troubled mind? What beliefs do you hold to get you through and are they moral and decent? The fact that this question can have answers that vary almost 180 degrees is so fucked up.

We’ll see what happens. Might be the end of the grand democratic experiment. But I have still have hope. Aggravated hope.

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