Good For the Brain.

Drifting, People.

I have a lot of comedy club tour dates coming up in Pasadena, Spokane, Bloomington, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Rochester and one night in Albuquerque. You can see them at Come if you are around! I will be touring more extensively later in the year. I think. We’ll see. I’m drifting.

I was just out in Desert Hot Springs for a few days with Sarah. I’ve been going to a place called The Sagewater Spa for years. It’s a small, seven-room motel with a hot springs pool. There’s something magic about it. We just go up there, bring a bunch of food to cook, and hole up and soak. I think I really relaxed. It’s hard for me to tell but my mind just eased up and spread out. It was relatively quiet in the head. It felt odd but okay, like I should do it more often. We went out to Joshua Tree and took a nice hike and took in the expanse. Desert Space. Good for the brain. Spreads it out. Makes the life seem small and the problems of the day-to-day seem silly and tedious. It levels the mindscape. It’s nice to have that space but the issue that arises for me is if that space is available, why not leave it open? Why not just mark it as a personal park in the mind? No buildings.

I start to fantasize about another life when I got out to the desert. Not necessarily a desert life because that would involve desert people at times and that’s not always a good thing. It’s interesting, sometimes scary, but challenging. But what if I became a desert person? How long does it take to scare people, most of whom are there to relax, with your intense gaze and leathery skin?

We visited Sarah’s friend, Andrea Zittel, at her compound in Joshua Tree. I think that would be the way to go. To have a spread with the space to do the work we do and the land to mind our own business while doing it. Or, we thought, maybe to buy a spa and just live there year round and run it. Maybe both! Then it would be hard not to become the desert equivalent of B & B owners. Which is not great. 

Then I started thinking about my life revolving around the two restaurants and one or two stores that are close and I started feeling isolated in my fantasy and wanting out. Then I realized that I really only go to two restaurants and one or two stores in the city I live in. Then I decided I have to go out and explore and do other stuff where I already live. Phew. That was close. Almost moved to the desert.

Today I talk to the mythic but very real Neil Young. Yes. It was intense for me. On Thursday I have a blast of a talk with the comic Deon Cole. We also check in with Dweezil Zappa and the struggle he's up against with his new tour. Great week! Great talks!


Boomer lives!