I Earned That.

Yes, Humans!

Hey! Emmy voters! I know that’s only a few of you, if any. I just wanted to say that my EPIX special ‘More Later’ is up for consideration in a few categories as is my IFC show ‘Maron.’ Voting ends today, Monday. So, if you weren’t going to vote or if you have a few slots you haven’t filled in yet keep me in mind. I’m very proud of both and it’s the best work I’ve done to date. Thank you for your consideration.

Tour dates are up at wtfpod.com/tour. Spokane, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Bloomington, Rochester and Salt Lake City are available and there are several shows at each venue so you have sitter options. Hope to see you somewhere.

I have a bit of good news that I’m almost embarrassed to share. After all my complaining and anger and panic about the frequencies pummeling me from the AT&T cell tower that is above my office, I have closure.  After several teams of people came over to assess and decide and try to explain the problem, a couple of dudes from a subcontractor actually solved it. They were cool guys, young guys, nice fellas. When I told them my dumb problem and amplified the noise on my stereo to show them it was coming from their equipment they did some troubleshooting to identify the source and figure out a plan that involved some seriously high-end copper mesh. They laid that shit down on the roof, soldered, grounded and protected me from the frequencies and, more importantly, enabled me to listen to records without going out of my fucking mind. They enjoyed the challenge of it which I thought was cool. People who like their jobs are nice to deal with. 

I know not everyone has the ability to get the attention of major corporations who run roughshod over our lives everyday and don’t follow up with customer service or even address complaints. I do. Sometimes. I earned that. It took me a long time to have a voice that I could put out in the world without anyone dictating what I could or couldn’t say because of this or that sponsor. So, I use it sometimes.

In all honesty it made me a little nervous because I’m a little paranoid and I didn’t know how annoying I was really being. Where do they draw the line before I’m Tilda Swintoned, Michael Clayton-style. All it takes is one middle manager afraid of losing his or her job to consider you an obstacle. And when it becomes impossible to hide or blame, who the fuck knows what they will do? They could’ve just turned up the juice and fried my brain. Didn’t happen, yet. So, thanks AT&T for dealing with the issue. Please help others who have problems with your, at times, bad service.

I had an amazing talk with a reluctant John C. Reilly that is up today. Enjoy that. There’s a little bit of me and Brett Gelman talking about race as well. There’s nothing better than two white, liberal Jewish guys talking about race. Enjoy that, too. Thursday is a double-header of genre film directors with Joe Dante and John Carpenter.


Boomer lives!