I Hope I Can Handle It.

Be careful, People!

Humans of any age are sucked into the allure of controlled explosions and sparkly things. If you are an adult among adults be as stupid as you want but factor in the amount of alcohol you consumed. If you are an adult among children introducing them to the fun of fire and noise be alert and careful and try to show them the safe way to play with dangerous shit.

Think about freedom and sacrifice today but remember there’s no reason to sacrifice your fingers for fun.

So, the kitten, yes. I think I told you that a little tiny black kitten showed up on my front porch last week, crying at 2:30 in the morning. I went out there, but it ran off. I assumed it was feral but it really didn’t look old enough to be totally wild. I have seen no other kittens in the area so I don’t know where it came from or why it chose me but it did. I fed it a few times and monitored it on my fancy surveillance camera and figured out when it was coming around. Then Sarah came over with her trap. She is an expert cat trapper. She got it first try. We brought it over to her house for quarantine and entry into domesticity. Turns out he wasn’t old enough to get all mean and wild and he’s a sweet guy. I named him Buster. 

I have been getting my second bedroom room prepped to take him in. You need to really limit the things that a kitten can destroy because they can destroy literally everything. It’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with a kitten. They are so cute and when you turn the lights off to say goodnight you really can't even anticipate the havoc they can wreak. You get up in the morning and open the door and shelves are destroyed, floor boards are up, all your shoes are garbage, light fixtures are dangling and things you forgot you even had in the closet have to be thrown away. In the middle of it all is an adorable, sleeping kitten. Little fuckers. So, Buster in coming to live here today, I think. I hope I can handle it.

Very excited about today’s guest. Jeff Goldblum is just one of those people who I feel I’ve known my whole life. He always seemed familiar and genuine and around. I was thrilled to find that he is the guy you would think he is. He is very true to himself and fun to talk to. On Thursday I talk to John Caponera. He’s a hard-working comic who I used to love watching at The Comedy Store. Chicago guy. Real deal. Good talks, both. Also on Thursday I talk to Adam Devine about his new movie ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ which I am in for a few minutes. It's the opening scene, so that’s all you are required to watch.


Boomer lives!