I'm Being Summoned.


First off, LA and surrounding areas and people visiting LA, I will be doing my workshop/riffing shows at The Trepany House at The Steve Allen Theater most Tuesdays in May and June starting May 10th. If you didn’t come to any of these shows when I did them last year, basically what happens is—I talk. I work through stuff that I am thinking about in hopes that it reveals itself as material. It will be funny and real. It will be a cheap ticket that benefits the theater and me. So, get your tickets at wtfpod.com/tour.

So, I have to go in for jury duty today. I am full of dread. It’s not that I don’t want to be a good citizen but it’s kind of a pain in the ass. I was just called in for the lower courts a few months ago and didn’t get put on a jury. Now, I’m being summoned by the Superior Court and apparently it’s a different pool and word is out that I am one of the people that actually responds to the summons. A go-to guy. So, we’ll see what happens. We aren’t asked to do much as citizens. I like to vote, but the jury duty thing is a drag. Also, I just don’t have time. But who does, I guess. Because I haven’t done if before I just assume I’m going to be forced to be a juror for something comparable to the OJ trial. Though I definitely wouldn’t be a good juror for that because I can't keep my fucking mouth shut and it's my job not to. I will go, though. The guilt worked. I was terrified when I forgot to call in the last time for this summons. I actually thought I would be the first person imprisoned for not responding to a jury summons which I don’t think would get me much respect on the inside.

I’ll let you know what happens. If I make the selection process, I will tell the judge that I will let you all know what happens and hopefully what happens is he tells me I can't do that and I say I can't not and then the attorneys don’t pick me. So, I have a plan.

Today I talk to Susan Sarandon not about politics, maybe a little, but mostly about movies. Thursday is our 700th episode and I will be talking to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Fun stuff.



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