We wrapped.

La commedia è finite, People!

We did it. We wrapped season 3 of Maron for IFC. It premieres May 14th. It’s going to be good.

I will be doing two warm up shows at The Trepany House: Tuesday, March 31st and Monday, April 6th if you want to come down. They’re usually a good time.

It’s completely astounding to me that we finished shooting the show. The process is insane. From sitting in a room with five other guys and figuring out 13 stories then outlining them then writing them then re-writing them then making them into television shows line-for-line, one at a time. I am really proud of all the scripts and now that I am seeing the early cuts and some near-finished cuts of the show I am very excited for you to see them. They are weird, touching, funny, disturbing and compelling. All of the things you want in an experience of any kind.

The amount of people of all kinds and all jobs it takes to make a show is amazing. Lights, electric, make-up, hair, cameras, props, catering, transport, locations, wardrobe, producers, directors, networks, actors. It’s astounding. The set was warm and everyone did an amazing job. You become sort of a weird family after a while. Doing 13 hour days everyday with a crew that sees you at your best and at your not so good. It’s emotional. I was fortunate to work with great people and this being the only TV show I have ever been part of I guess I’ve been spoiled.

There was definitely some heavy lifting acting-wise this year for me. I don’t really consider myself an actor but I can see that I have gotten better at playing me over the last two seasons. All I can do is commit. I did. There is some pretty surprising stuff that happens this season. Hope I sold it.

I talk to Alex Karpovsky from Girls on Monday. Great guy. Great story. On Thursday I talk to John Doe of the band X who also is a great guy with a great story.


Boomer lives!