It is coming back.

Hey, Folks-

Don’t have much to say today because I’ve been traveling and I completely spaced writing this until the middle of the night.

I had great shows in Rochester. The crowds were amazing and The Comedy Club is a great room. I managed not to eat a Garbage Plate but that did not stop me from eating garbage. The crazy must stop soon. I think I am over compensating with food for what I have lost when I shaved my mustache and beard. It is coming back. Slowly I will regain my strength and my will to exercise. I’m really exhausted and I’m just not going to write a lot right now.

Know that all is well and I am out of my mind but I know it.

This week on the show I had an amazing talk with filmmaker Joe Swanberg. It is really one of the best conversations I have had on the show in a while. That happens on Monday. On Thursday I will air my talk with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.


Boomer lives!