Rest will come.

Oh, hell, people.

I’m writing this later than usual because apparently I have my head up my ass because I am overwhelmed for a change. I spaced.

I’ve added shows in Toronto, Boston, Seattle and Asheville for those of you who couldn’t get tickets in those cities for the Maronation Tour.

I’m heading into the final week of shooting of Maron season three. It’s been intense and a little hectic. I am directing this week and I guess that’s where my head is at… kinda. It could be the fact that I did five sets this weekend because I want to mentally get in shape for the tour. What I am saying is I am busy as fuck and it’s going well. Someday, rest will come.

When I was in college in Boston one of my favorite local bands was the Del Fuegos. They should’ve been huge! It didn’t happen. The front man of that band was Dan Zanes. Some of you with kids may know Dan’s music because he’s the groovy family music guy. He found his calling. It’s quite a story. Loved talking to him. You can hear that today. And I also talk to Christopher Mansfield from the band Fences about his new album, his facial tattoos and Macklemore. On Thursday talk to the somewhat elusive Chris D'Elia. He’s on that show Undatable. I got to know him a little bit.

I can’t write much more. I have to sleep. More later.


Boomer lives!