The Maronation Tour.

Goddammit, I got sick, People.

Before I whine about being sick, I have TOUR DATES! The Maronation Tour starts on April 9th in Washington, DC, at the Warner Theater and then continues to Philadelphia, Boston, Madison, Pittsburgh, suburban Detroit, Toronto, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Asheville, Charleston, Atlanta and New Orleans. Go here for dates and venues. Tickets go on sale this Friday. I’m very excited about getting out into the world and performing again. I will be ready after shooting for almost three months.

So, I got sick. I’ve been feeling it nagging at me here and there for the last month or so. You know, the season. I’ve managed to keep it out of me or at the very least keep it from taking me over. Well, that battle ended on Thursday morning when I woke up with a 102 fever. Furious. I couldn’t call in sick. I have to be in every scene. The entire production kind of depends on me being alive and well and there. There are no B stories. There is a B12 story, though.

It’s challenging enough shooting a show but to do it sick is kind of a nightmare. I had to load up on the over the counter meds and get my fevered ass to the set. I had a set doctor come down to just make sure I wasn’t dying. She gave me a Z-Pak and asked if I wanted a B12 shot in the ass. She didn’t say it quite like that but that was the gist. I knew about the mythical B12 shots. How they are supposed to turn everything around and make it all okay. I said I would do it. That was a first for me. Never had the B12 shot. I think it perked me up for a few hours against what my body really wanted to do which was drop out from under me. I think I would like to try it without being sick. I know it was pretty popular back in the day for people who partied too hard and needed a pick me up. Maybe I shouldn’t try it again. I don’t want to become one of those people. The B12 shot people. I’m fine. Glad I did it once.

I had a great time working with Lucy Davis last week. She was on the British Office with Gervais. She is kind of a comedy genius. We did a couple of scenes. She plays my manager in a couple of episodes this season. I love her. I also worked with Gregory White. You may not know the name but he was on a McDonald’s commercial a couple of years ago. I think it was a McNuggets commercial. People told me all the time that he looked like an older me. I could see the resemblance. So, when he came in to casting to read for a part as a doctor I had to cast him. He was great. It was a kind of a trip.

Jim Gaffigan is on the show Monday. I’ve known Jim a long time. We like to talk to each other. It was great. On Thursday 92-year-old Marty Allen stops by the garage to talk about a long career in show biz including being on The Ed Sullivan Show the same night the Beatles made their debut. Good talks!


Boomer lives!