10 weeks off nicotine.

Hey, People-

I am sorry if the ‘Maronation Tour' is not coming to a venue near you. I am totally open to adding states and cities. Let me get through these dates and see where I am at in terms of people coming out and I will judge more dates based on that. I want you to be able to see me if you want to see me without traveling too far. Just let me see what’s happening out there.

In other news, it’s been 10 weeks off nicotine and I’m losing my mind a bit. I can now reasonably access the dark hunger and it is powerful. I usually buckle at around three months. I start to feel thick in body and mind. I start to feel itchy in my bones and like I’m not quite whole and the missing piece is something I can ingest. I wish I could just get addicted to exercise. Why am I not one of those guys? That would be great. But the momentum I have to generate mentally to even get out of the house in my sneakers is a heavy undertaking, so that is not sticking as the next compulsive lifestyle shift. It’s always food or sex with me. I guess I should be happy I don’t really think about going back to the drugs and I’ve never been comfortable with gambling or over-buying stuff. Food or sex or back to the nicotine. Or, maybe, I can actually make it through to just being comfortable with my discomfort until it dissipates. That hasn’t happened in fifty one years but I won’t give up hope. I might start drinking coffee again. This tea thing gets annoying.

Big week shooting the show last week. I worked with actors that loom large in my memory. We are shooting the first episode of season three. I can’t tell you anything about the story but I will tell you I did scenes with Elliot Gould and Alex Rocco! Trapper John and Moe Green. Are you fucking kidding me. It was amazing. I did one scene with Rocco that may have been one of the highlights of my life. It was just too fucking funny. I also worked with Constance Zimmer who is amazing. I’m doing an episode with Adam Goldberg as well and we are working well off each other. We have a Semitic understanding that goes back centuries.

Ladies! This week on the show Cameron Esposito joins me on Monday. She is also appearing in an episode of ‘Maron’ this season. On Thursday we will air a live WTF recorded at LA Podfest featuring the likes of Whitney Cummings (also on ‘Maron’ this season), Pam Adlon, Desi Jedeikin, Shelby Fero and Amber Preston.


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