The hunger.

Damn, People-

First off, second shows have been added in Seattle, Toronto and Boston for the Maronation Tour. If you were shut out of those cities you can try again. Hope it works out for you. I want you to come.

I can’t stop eating. It’s the sad truth about addictions. Give one up and wait for it to pop up somewhere else. In my mind I’m preparing for the last two episodes of my show where it would be good if I were a little pudgy. That’s all I’m saying. I’m in a war against blowing up before we finish shooting. I just feel like something is missing all the time and it is something that I can ingest. THE HUNGER. It’s sucks. I’m thinking of experimenting with no caffeine at all. I have been drinking tea. A lot of tea. Too much tea. I’m just wondering what it would feel like to be free of everything. I wonder what my brain would do and if I could handle it. I might just crumble into a fetal position in a panic. Maybe that’s just what I need. Maybe I’ll tour with it. It’s a strange state of affairs when mind altering means not ingesting things.

I will be directing an episode I wrote this year. It will be the last thing we shoot and I think the mustache might have to come off for some scenes. That’s all I’m saying.

Folks, I’m having a hard time giving a fuck in a general way. I don’t really know what is going with me. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m just having a hard time giving a fuck. It’s weird when you get to a certain age and all the shit that used to be life or death important just doesn’t hold any power at all any more. I guess maybe I’ve earned the right to not give a fuck. Or maybe I have to make a new list of fucks I do give. I don’t feel apathetic, just tired. I obviously give a fuck about the work I’m doing but I feel a little detached. Goddamnit. I don’t feel like embarking on some grand metaphysical search for meaning. Maybe I’ll just take a field trip for meaning. It’s all crazy to me. I don’t feel bad, things are going well, I just don’t know what it all means. How hack is that? Real, though, dawg.

The lovely Mick Foley is on the show Monday to talk about Santa and wrestling and being a good dude. Rob McElhenney talks to me on Thursday about creating ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ and being a dad and what’s next in life. Good week.


Boomer lives!