People Will Understand.

Hello, People -

Today is the last day you can get my book ‘Attempting Normal’ for $1.99 wherever e-books are sold. I had nothing to do with this promotion. It was all my publisher’s idea and apparently my book is #15 on the NYT bestseller list for e-books, which is exciting.

We just got done filming week two of the 4th season of ‘Maron’ and I’m still having fun. I got sick, which I’m not happy about, but I’m not furious because that just makes it worse. The amount of time I’ve spend in my life putting all of my energy into not getting sick when I felt like I was getting sick is astounding. The amount of juice, vitamin C, greens, soup, oregano oil, Oscillococcinum, blackberry stuff, vitamin D, zinc, neti potting and gallons and gallons of water. It’s like a job. I still do some of that stuff but once it locks in, it locks in and you have to ride it out. Then you just have to sleep. My big fear going into the next week is that if my voice is a little off it will sound like I’ve gotten a cold within hours between scenes because we shoot out of sequence. We’ll see. It should be fine. People will understand. Maybe I’ll write an allergies line.

This week will be good because Bob Goldthwait is at the director’s helm and it’s always fun to work with Bob. One of the reasons is Bob has an awesome collection of hats and scarves and you really don’t know what you are going to get. Last week he wore a skirt. That’s just one of the many ways Bob expresses himself.

I would like to put in a good word for my pal Louis. He’s released something on his site that is quite astounding. It is hard to explain. It might be a play. He self-produced it in complete silence and just released it telling only his email list. It’s called Horace and Pete and its definitely something unlike anything he’s done and pretty unique on all levels. Check it out. He told me about it a couple of weeks ago and I was sworn to secrecy. Now, I can talk. You can get it through his site

My guest on Monday is author, filmmaker and comedian Mike Binder. I don’t think he really likes being considered a comedian anymore but he was. He was one of the original Comedy Store guys when he was basically a kid. He was also one of the first guys I remember really laughing at when I was a kid. I remember his jokes from the mid-seventies. Loved him. We talk about all that he has done with a few Comedy Store stories thrown in. On Thursday I talk to Cindy Crawford because I could. I just wanted to pick her brain for a bit.


Boomer lives!