It Also Speaks Volumes.

Football, Folks!


In all honesty, I hope you had a fun day with the football thing if that is what you do. I did not do it. Not because I have an issue with it. I do. But that’s not what I’m talking about now. I just don’t care. Not in a hostile or judgmental way. I just don’t ever think about it. I don’t think about the commercials, the parties, any of it. It's really not even in my head. I’m writing this on Sunday night and I actually don’t know who is playing in the game. I’m serious. I’m not proud of that. It is a testament to how detached I am from most things. I haven’t watched a debate on either side. I don’t know what’s happening to me. It’s not that I’m apathetic. I’ve just been doing and thinking about other things. I don’t feel that bad about it. I assume I will lock in when it is necessary. It just doesn’t feel that way to me yet.

It also speaks volumes about my social life. I don’t have much of one. I don’t hang out much. I go to the Comedy Store if I want to check in with my friends, comics, comrades.
I don’t know if I am drifting away mentally or just feeling okay.

Sometime I take what some people say to heart about being happy. What happens if I feel better and find some happiness? I really don’t know. How do I adjust my creativity? Will anyone give a shit? Will I? Will I just stop? I don’t know. I know that will definitely slow down after shooting this season. I will try to figure out what I want to do next with the comedy. I will try to figure out what is actually important to me and what is just a habit.

This cold has been a bitch to kick. I still don’t feel great. It seems to be deciding what to do next in my body. It think the viruses now are so well adapted that they are actually regrouping and trying different approaches within one run. I can feel it trying to figure out whether or not it wants to fuck with my chest or just stay in my head a while longer. I’m trying to negotiate with it. We’ll see what happens. At what point is a cold no longer a cold and just a way of life? Is that what we are moving towards? A comfortable symbiosis with the viral world? Not a cure, a partnership.

On Saturday I wasn’t feeling great but I took three sets at The Comedy Store. I was just going to go in and out and get home and get some rest. I ended up hanging out backstage for a bit. I just love that all of us can usually just hang out and have some laughs, no matter where we are at or what we are doing in our career lives. I spent some time talking to Judd Apatow who was out doing sets. Then in the Main Room backstage it was me, Brian Scolaro, Tom Rhodes, Anthony Jeselnik, Sebastian Maniscalco, Morgan Murphy and Joe Rogan. Just talking shit, catching up, having some laughs. I love that part of comedy, being around funny, weirdos who live the life.

Today’s show is definitely and old school standup comic WTF talk. Me and Pete Correale just hang out and have some laughs. Great guy. Funny guy. On Thursday I have a talk with a guy I didn’t really know but I really got a kick out of. Ben Hoffman talks about his career in comedy and his new country music project. Funny guy in a very unique way.


Boomer lives!