New Territory For Me.

Okay, People

First, the e-book of my memoir ‘Attempting Normal’ is on sale for a limited time, for $1.99, everywhere e-books are sold. So, there’s that.

I am having an amazing time shooting the new season of ‘Maron’ and I’m not an amazing time kind of guy. I think the reason is that I have a few seasons under my belt and that I chose to go a completely different direction with the show. I really didn’t want to continue doing the show but I decided to challenge the character at the end of last season and now he is new territory. New territory for the viewer and new territory for me. The character of me is established enough and I feel confident enough with the depth of how we write him that we can now go a new direction that is not directly based on my life. So, with every episode me and the character of me are in new territory and it’s exciting. Lynn Shelton is directing the first two. I met her on my podcast. I love her work and she’s an amazing director and that makes it fun as well. Bobcat Goldthwait is in again for three episodes starting this week and he’s great too. So, new world, new stories, nothing is the same, great directors = Marc having fun so far.

On a more intense note, I have been a bit dragged into the nasty cluster fuck of accusations and attacks on Amy Schumer. It’s a horrendous display of humanity but can you even call it that when so much of it is from a nameless, faceless horde of hateful man-children? A segment of one of our shows, Episode 649 with Aaron Draplin, was played by Opie and Jim on their Sirius show to illustrate that I didn’t think Amy was a joke thief, which I don’t. But they used a YouTube version of the clip that was was re-edited and manipulated to make it sound like I *do* think Amy is a joke thief. My actual words were edited and moved around in order to serve the agenda of attacking Amy. If you listen to the actual version, the monologue is about me panicking that we had a similar joke on our specials. We do. Neither one of us stole it from the other. It happens. This isn’t the point. The point someone used me and manipulated what I said to attack her. Heinous.

The malignant momentum against Schumer has nothing to do with joke stealing or justice and everything to do with hate and attempted annihilation being carried out by frightened, angry, faceless cowards. They are using her vulnerability and her personality as a portal in an attempted verbal and online gang rape of her career. She is being attacked by an army of unfuckable hate nerds who want to destroy her pride, humanity, career and sense of self. It is so clear if you look where this is coming from who these men are. They are ever-present in the history of this country and this is how they hurt people now. They are afraid of change and feel that their way of life is slipping away from them. Look, I’m a guy. I have my sexist moments, but misogyny requires commitment and these guys are committed to it. And that is what this is about. No doubt. I’ll talk about this a bit on today's show.

Also today, Michael Moore actually gets pretty candid with me. We talk about his new film ‘Where to Invade Next’ which is really a new direction for him. It is provocative and disturbing without being heavy-handed. On Thursday I talk to music writer Peter Guralnick about rock and roll and his new book, ‘Sam Phillips: The Man who Invented Rock and Roll.’ Good talks.


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