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Mortality on my brain.

Here we go, People!

Couple of dates here up front. I will be in Nashville at the Wild West Comedy Fest interviewing Vince Vaughn for a live WTF. That might be sold out but I was told I will be doing a solo show at Zanies over that weekend on May 16th at 7PM. I will be in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM doing a benefit for the Endorphin Power Company on May 31st at the Hispanic Cultural Center. I will be in Chicago at the 1st Annual 26th Annual Comedy Fest on June 14th. I will be in Bloomington IN at The Comedy Attic June 26th- 28th. Come out if you are around.

I went running about two hours ago and I’m still sweating. I’ve always taken a long time to cool down. Weird. I’m trying to exercise more because I don’t want to die. Then, sometimes, I think I’m going to die when I do exercise. It’s tricky in my head. I take my driver’s license with me when I run in case I go down I will be easily identified. Then, sometimes, I think that is morbid and a jinx. I assume a lot of people have died because they were afraid they would jinx something or they were too proud or embarrassed to take care of themselves properly. Get a colonoscopy if you are 50 or older. I can’t tell you how many people I have talked to that just won’t do it because it’s embarrassing. It’s one of the few preventable cancers but some people are just so afraid of being ass date raped for their own health. They roofie you. You don’t know what’s happening. After it’s over there is no shame just the hard facts about the inside of your ass. Grow up. Go get some pics of your colon.

Back to the running and being 50. I didn’t think I was going to feel the shift in my heart and mind to middle age but it put the mortality fuck on my brain. Like, ‘Fuck, now what? How much time do I have? Am I going to wake up?’ I know I’m being a bit dramatic but there is still some shit I have to get straight before I shuffle off. I guess it doesn’t make any difference once you’re gone but maybe I could get it all right for a bit before I go. All I know is I went to a wedding by myself and was never more aware of compulsive emotional eating than I was when I was shoveling cheese and salami into my face during the reception. That is the edge I am riding. I think I ran off the fat and cholesterol from the reception but I did have my ID with me just in case. I don’t want to die because I’ve been eating my feelings away as opposed to having them. Okay, I’m done. Morbid.

Today on the show Jared Harris talks to me about acting, animal work and his father, Richard Harris. I’m very into talking about dads right now and this one was a good one. On Thursday Benmont Tench talks about being the keyboard player for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers since the beginning and about music in general including his new solo album. Good shit.


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Kelly May 07, 2014 at 2:41 am

I went to a book reading last night for Sandra Tsing Loh’s latest book The Madwoman in the Volvo. She handed out a questionnaire to the audience to collect info on a show she is doing about menopause. One of the questions was (to paraphrase) ‘Do you think middle-aged men have a version of menopause?’ Curious what Marc’s thoughts on that are and those of the What the Fuckers out there.

John Terry May 10, 2014 at 8:05 am

I’m a few months away from turning 50 - on Sept. 11 of all dates. I’m still in shitty shape despite repeated attempts to be not in shitty shape. And I figured I was the only guy who carries his drivers license when running just in case I keel over and they need to identify the body.

Good to know I have a mortality-minded brother in you.

Thank you for the Benmont Tench interview. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I probably could not have articulated this back when I was 14 or whatever. However, I think that for me, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was the first relevant rock ‘n’ roll band that I felt was from and for my generation. I loved the Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinds, etc. - but they still belonged to my older brother and cousins and aunt. They belonged to that intimidating hippy with a beard down the street. But TP & The HB belonged to us.

As much as I love the first three albums, I find that “Hard Promises” is still my go-to. Not a bad track on that record, man. Go listen to it again. “Night Watchman” is simply one of best grooves ever. As Benmont said about “See Ya Later Alligator,” that song just swings! And the lyrics are sick.

Anyway, I soaked up every minute of that interview and didn’t want it to end. So thank you.

I’m about to share it with my buddy Dennie, who is a keyboard player back where I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan (I live in Florida now. Sorry.). Dennie is a cat I’ve known since I was 8 years old. And one of the few people I know who have been able to make a living playing music his entire life. Among other things, he plays in a Tom Petty cover band, handling the Benmont parts. Can’t wait for him to hear this.

While I’m at it, thank you also for the Jason Isbell (IS-bull) and Patterson Hood interviews. Stellar. And they were especially meaningful because I will be seeing the DBT in a couple weeks when they come to Orlando.

I sincerely appreciate the work you do.


- JT

John Terry May 10, 2014 at 8:11 am

Holy shit I wish there was a way to edit a comment. I’m going to obsess all day about the typo.

Oh well - gotta learn to let go.

Megan May 12, 2014 at 12:53 am

I’m obsessed with everything you write/create/record especially when you talk about anxiety and food issues because I can relate SO completely to them, and it’s so fucking refreshing to hear that shit discussed by someone so different from me. I think you are just fantastic. I will internet stalk you until the day you acknowledge me and I immediately get incredibly nervous and self conscious and anxious and regret everything I’ve ever said. Please never stop what you do.

Meredith Lee May 20, 2014 at 6:28 pm

Mark I sent you an e-mail about changing some of your site content, I even did a little example, I think, and nobody responded which is best because there’s nothing actually wrong with your content and that was a weird moment for me when I did that. Plus, come to find out, you can write real good so good job and I like reading you. I really even like these little writing things you do on here. Who writes them? Seems like you but I dunno. You’re a writer.

I live in Indiana and I want to go to your show in Bloomington. I was thinking I’d go Thursday because first sets are supposed to be the good ones right? Is that how it is for you? Which set would you recommend I attend? I want to go to the one that is fun for you. That set. Which is it?


THe text below is quite difficult to read and no I am not on drugs