Crankies, a car ride & barbecue.

Howdy, People-

The new season of ‘Maron’ on IFC premieres May 8th. 10/9c. Set your machines!

I am doing one more show at The Trepany House at The Steve Allen Theater tomorrow, Tuesday, April 29th. Come if you want. I’ll be doing a benefit for the Endorphin Power Company in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM at the National Hispanic Cultural Center on May 31st. Haven’t been home in a while. I hope we get a good turnout.

I’m flying back from Austin, Texas. Just did the Moontower Comedy Festival for the third year in a row and they let me play the big room. I freaked out a bit when I got there. I got it in my head that it was crazy to take the midnight spot at a huge theater. The festival told me it was a great spot because I wouldn’t be competing with anything else. I thought, yeah, other than sleep and alcohol but I took the gig because I love the festival and I love Austin. I was just sure no one was going to come and proceeded to be a cranky closet diva all day. I was irritable anyway. My rental car was shitty and there weren't enough outlets in hotel room. Am I becoming that guy? No. I caught myself with the help of Bob Goldthwait.

I saw Bob wandering in the lobby when I got there. We go back. He’s directed many episodes of my television show. I love Bob. He seemed cranky, too. We’re both cranky, sensitive-prone guys. I said, “I have a rental car. Lets get out of here. Lets go get some barbecue at Opie’s.” He said, “Great. I need to get out of here for a bit.” And we lit out onto the highway to Opie’s. We talked it out. Got the crankies out of ourselves. We went over the middle-aged problems, comedy issues, life challenges, romance bullshit, processed all the big stuff on the 40 minute ride. The payoff at the end of the journey was a mountain of meat for me. Bob had a bunch of sides. He’s a veggie. The folks at Opie’s were so nice. Sometimes all it takes to set things straight is another cranky guy and a car ride. Oh, and meat. A lot of meat. I know my cholesterol is a bit high but I was in Austin. Right? Damn. It was so fucking good. I’m dying. No, I’m not. I’ll jog. Yeah.

I talked to Judy Greer for Monday’s show. I love Judy Greer. Who doesn’t love Judy Greer? If you are asking yourself, "Who is Judy Greer?" we will talk about that, too. It’s actually kind of where the title of her new book comes from: ‘I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star." She is charming. Did I mention I love her? On Thursday the elusive and amazing Stephen Malkmus hangs out in the garage. I initially didn’t know how this was going to go but we listened to records before we talked and that eased us into it. Pavement is one of the best rock bands ever. It was great to talk to him. I listened to Unfair off of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain four times in a row yesterday. I did.


Boomer lives!