Gigs, thanks & ice cream.

Hello, People-

Couple of gigs you should know about. This Friday, 5/16 at 7pm I will be at Zanies in Nashville. On Saturday, May 31st I will be at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque for a benefit show. On Saturday, June 14th I will be in Chicago for the 26th Annual First Annual Comedy Festival. June 26th through 28th I will be in Bloomington, Indiana at The Comedy Attic. Tickets for all of these shows are on sale now. Grab them if you are in the area.

Thanks for all the great comments on the premiere episode of ‘Maron’ on IFC last Thursday. I’m glad everyone liked it. I had sort of a bittersweet premiere party here at my house. Knowing I don’t drink, IFC sent me a crate of ice cream the day of the premiere. Six assorted pints with chocolate and caramel sauces and fancy sundae dishes. Oh, and nuts and sprinkles as well. I didn’t really know who to have over for the show. I didn’t really want to have anyone over. It seemed sad at first but then I realized it was a perfectly fine way to watch my own show. So, I sat there on my couch with a sundae I made myself and watched me on TV. It was weird but I didn’t have to worry about anyone else in the room liking it or feeling like they had to laugh.

I thought the show looked great. I hadn’t seen it since we edited it. I was really happy that Chris Hardwick and Michael Ian Black were willing to play dicks and be mean to me. It was a stretch for Hardwick but it was pretty natural for Michael. I thought it was funny that Sarah Silverman appeared on the premieres of both Louie’s show and mine. Weird coincidence. I like that we are a tight knit bunch of friends in our little comedy community. This week Ray Romano is on the show. To my knowledge he hasn’t been on Louie’s show.

I talked Rhys Darby today on the show. I have no sense of what New Zealand is like. I hear it’s beautiful. I have no idea what it would be like to live there or what the comedy scene is like. I was educated by Rhys. He’s a very funny guy. On Thursday I talk to Shepard Fairey. I have always been curious about his work and how it all got started. The ‘Obey’ meme has been present everywhere in the world since he unleashed it years ago. It’s a pretty amazing story how he got from Andre the Giant to President Obama.

Short and sweet today. Tired.


Boomer lives!