Keep up the good luck.

It’s happening, People-

The Maronation Tour is going to start in earnest on April 9th at The Warner Theater in Washington DC. Please check the schedule for your city. Some shows have sold out and some shows have been added. I feel good about it.

I just spent the day cleaning the garage or at least moving some shit, cleaning under it, re-stacking it and putting it back. It is so hard for me to throw stuff away. I get a lot of stuff. I like all of it, for a while. I guess there is no shame in getting rid of books that I’m just not going to read as long as they weren’t and sent to me by the author and signed. I learned that lesson. I had to move some books out of the garage so I brought them down to the local bookstore to see if they wanted them. Thought maybe I could get some trade at least. One of the books was a signed book of poetry by a guy. They put that book up online and the guy who signed must have a Google alert on his name because he alerted me that the book was up for sale and maybe I didn’t realize I did it and might need another one. I felt shitty.
Now I just try to give stuff to Goodwill. Same thing happened. A guy sent a print of a piece of art that I just had no room for but I thought someone might enjoy it so I brought it to Goodwill. Someone did find it, loved it, told the artist they picked it up. Busted. He was happy that the piece landed in good hands and seemed to have a journey. I felt bad.

I don’t really know what to do. I live in a small house. I guess I could rent a storage locker for stuff. I now keep all the personal art and signed books and records and just move stuff that comes through labels and publicists if I’m not going to need it for research or don’t necessarily enjoy them. Damn. I still have a lot of stuff. I like stuff. I am not a hoarder. I am going to get to all of it and get all of it up on the damn wall. I just need another lifetime and more walls.

I forgot to mention this thing that happened in NYC that I thought was beautiful. I was in a coffee shop with my producer Brendan and I noticed a guy giving me that look that he knew who I was and liked what I did. I know the look. I do it to people. It’s hard to know what to do in that moment because you want to say something but you don’t usually know what to say. I generally don’t say anything because I just don’t want to feel weird. As we were walking out he was looking at me and I said, ‘Hey, man.’ He said. ‘Hey, I really like your stuff.’ I said, ‘Thanks. What’s your name?’ He told me. I don’t remember but I wanted to. As I was walking away he said, ‘Keep up the good luck.’ It was a brain fart. He obviously wanted to say ‘Keep up the good work.’ It was genius. We laughed about it. It was one of the greatest sentences I’ve heard.

On Monday I talk to Michael Imperioli. Great talent. Great guy. I miss seeing him in stuff. Fuck, I miss The Sopranos. It was nice talk. On Thursday I talk to the amazing cartoonist and artist, Drew Friedman. I’ve been a huge fan of his work for years. I was thrilled to talk to him.


Boomer lives!