It happens.

Hey folks!

I'm writing this on my phone because apparently I am not keeping my shit together in these last few days of this leg of the tour. Somehow my computer is dead. I thought I plugged it in. I know I did. See, I'm losing it a bit.

I wrecked a rental car Saturday on my way to the gig. Not good. I'm a bit shook up. Everyone is okay. Barely made the show. It's was fucked up but Hertz was cool, the cops were cool, the guy whose car I hit was cool. It happens. It's sucks, but it happens. That feeling of knowing you are going to hit another car is one of the most present, awful moments you can experience. It feel like time just bends and stretches before the sound of crunching metal and plastic. I feel that feeling when I wake up sometimes. I open my eyes and come up on the day too fast and just plow into it, wrecking it, and spending the rest of it all jarred and sketched out.

I love the South more and more every time I come down here. The shows in Asheville, Charleston and Atlanta were all great. The people were nice everywhere and the crowds were just awesome. I don't like using that word but they were. Thanks for coming out if you were among them. I'm writing this in route to New Orleans, the last show of this part of the tour. In a couple of weeks I start up again.
Check for new dates in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, New Jersey, New York, Boulder and Denver!

Very exciting shows this week! On Monday we'll post my conversation with David Byrne. The former frontman of The Talking Heads had always been an artist I respected and it was amazing talking to to him. On Thursday we will post the live conversation I had with NPR's Fresh Air host, Terry Gross. She is the industry standard of what an interviewer should be. Terry is the best and she wanted me to be the one to interview her at the RadioLoveFest event at the BAM Opera House in Brooklyn. It was an amazing night and truly an honor to talk to her.

Boomer lives!