Just Ask Mick.

Rock and Roll, People-

I’m about to get ready to go see the Stones in San Diego. I know you all heard Mick personally invite me to the show but it doesn’t seem like I’m getting any special treatment. I didn’t think I would. I’m getting tickets, which is great, amazing. That’s special. I hope they are at least great seats. I really wanted to go see them at The Fonda, a nightclub here in LA. That would’ve been amazing. I made a nuisance out of myself pestering every contact I had for ONE ticket. They got back to me but could not get me ONE ticket to go see them in a rare club appearance. So, I’m just going to the stadium like everyone else. I’m no Nicholson. I didn’t make a complete naïve fool out of myself and say, “Just ask Mick. He WANTS me to see them.” No, I just stomped around my house wishing I had more pull but kind of happy I don’t because then I would be one of those people. I was almost not going to see the show in San Diego because I felt dissed and bitchy about The Fonda. Dean Delray snapped me out of it. “Dude, did you see that set list?” We’re leaving here in a few. I’ll let you know how it was on Thursday.

Trying to get back in sync with my life. I actually love being on the road. I like hotels. I like new places. Hotels are peaceful and I don’t have to clean up. I do like be grounded in my life though. It takes a while to get back into life. Mounds of laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, going through mail and packages, re-introducing myself to the various animals indoors and out. I’m trying to exercise. I don’t want to believe that after a certain age you just never feel that great. I’m not sure I have ever felt ‘that great.’ I’ve felt amped up and manic but that didn’t seem organic or sustainable. I’d like to at least feel physically ‘pretty good.’ I just feel beat up a bit and never quite right. I’m trying not to assume the worst. I’m running up and down hills and eating my vegetables and taking my vitamins not in hopes of eternal life or even longevity. I just want to feel pretty good. That’s all I’m asking for.
These guys showed up while I was away and now live here. I think this is my third or fourth skunk litter I’ve seen up here.

Some people think they are pests. I think they are so cool looking. I just have to make sure the cats eat. They move on pretty quickly in my recollection.
On Monday I talk to my first ‘In Living Color’ cast member. Tommy Davidson and I chat about him coming up in comedy and how that show changed everything. The radio veteran Phil Hendrie also stops by to talk about what he has going on. On Thursday Kevin Corrigan hangs out in the garage. We talk movies, Scorcese, music and New York. He’s in the new Andrew Bujalski film ‘Results’ which is great. I loved it.


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