Season 3 premieres.

Hi, Folks

I’m letting myself get pudgy. Just wanted to let you know. I’ll focus on unpudging when I get off the road. Just can’t worry about it or I’ll beat myself into a pudgy pulp.

Season 3 of my IFC show ‘Maron’ premieres this Thursday! Yay. Watch it on IFC if you can.

I am just a bit worn out from all the traveling. Something happens on the road, some kind of stupor. It requires donuts and sugar and bread so it won't crumble my disposition. It has to be stopped. I need to make some vegetables and run. I know I could do that on the road but I am not in the routine and it is hard to establish a routine. I am now exercising my ability to rationalize and justify my heart clogging behavior. I don’t want to live like this, but god, it is so good to eat donuts.

Seattle was amazing. Thanks to all who came out to The Neptune Theatre. They were loopy shows. It felt like everyone was loopy. There was a lot of riffing. Things happened that will never happen again. That’s the way I like it.

I am leaving Vancouver as I write this. I decided to take the train up because I thought it would be pretty. It was. It was still a train though. I wanted it to be relaxing but like any mode of transportation, eventually you just want to fucking get there. I am happy to report there were no problems at customs and the weather was beautiful but things go a little weird at the show at The Vogue in Vancouver. As I was walking to the show I ran into a pleasant young looking family who were on the way to see the show. The parents were excited to see me and introduced me to their teenage boy and girl. Apparently all shows in Vancouver are all ages. I didn’t know that. It shouldn’t matter except I get a little filthy on the road. I have reintegrated a bit of honest filth into the set. I like it. It feels good to be filthy. When I was talking to the nice family I told them I was happy they were coming but it will be filthy. They said what all parents say who take their kids to things that might be inappropriate, “I’m sure they’ve heard it before.” Well, I’m sure they haven’t. As they walked, the mom looked back and said, “How filthy?” And the dad said, “Clean it up, Maron.”

I did not. I wrestled with it but I was not going to change a club act to accommodate teenagers. ‘They have to hear it somewhere’ was my justification to me, my rationalization.

The bigger issue about the ‘all shows are all ages’ idea is that at some point in the first 25 minutes of my show a women with an infant sat up front. AN INFANT! It was astonishing and amazing. It made me uncomfortable and weirdly excited to deal with a situation I had not dealt with. I had an exchange with her. Asked her why she brought the baby. It was funny. Then the kid started making baby noises and she left. I thought. From the back of them room, sporadically throughout a good part of the show, you good hear gurgling baby noise from the back of the room. I was being heckled by a baby. That was a first. Thanks for that Vancouver.

Check the new tour dates on the schedule. See I’m coming to a town near you. Don’t bring your babies.

On Monday I talk to another SNL person. Kenan Thompson and I talked in NYC about the SNL stuff. I show him some video I acquired of Lorne Michaels on Canadian TV in the early 70s in a comedy team. Mind blowing. Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster also stop by the garage to chat about the stuff going on with The Best Show. On Thursday I do kind of a double header with Greg Proops and Richard Lewis.


Boomer lives!