I Think People Were Excited.

Shalom, Friends-

Too Jewy?

I’m watching the Oscars as I write this. Not great so far. I know they aren’t generally ‘great’ but I like the spectacle of show biz and I like to see people win statues but man, it is slow and we’re only a half-hour in. I think we all know too much about show business now. I think that there is little mystique to the whole undertaking anymore. Too much speculation from too many different sectors and the magic of the movies seems a bit diminished. It is still great to see the raw emotion of talented people being overwhelmed with gratitude and winning and also showing grace in losing. That second one requires some real acting chops.

I was at the Comedy Store on Saturday night. I had a 10:30 spot in the Original Room. I knew Louie was doing two shows in the Main Room. I hadn’t talked to him since he’d been in town so I figured I’d drop in to the backstage dressing room while he was between shows. So, Sarah and I went backstage and it was just Louie, lying down. We talked for a bit, chit chat. He told me Chris Rock was supposed to come do a spot before him to run his Oscar monologue, which he had been doing all week at the Comedy Store. We left and a few minutes later the manager told me Louie wanted to talk to me. So, we went backstage again and Pam Adlon was there now. He said Chris wasn’t going to make it and would I go up and do 20 before him. I generally don’t open for people but this was Louie, my pal, this was my home club, the place was packed, so of course, I said sure. Then, Chris showed up. I didn’t care whether I went on or not and Chris had work to do so I was ready to bow out and Louie told us to both go one and do ten. It was a great show. Louie was doing his new hour, Chris was working his Oscar stuff and I was just doing a set in my favorite club with old friends. What’s the point you asking? Well, it was interesting to see those guys working out new shit. And Chris was really working that Oscar stuff and it killed at the club. I think people were excited about being part of the process.

So, I just watched it on the Oscars. It’s amazing what a big, weird and muted room that audience is and how pomp and circumstance can suck the life out of any real point. There was a lot of expectations on him in terms of how was he going to address racism--so much speculation. It’s just a ten minute TV set with a specific topic. All this lip and press service paid to an event and what might happen just sucks the life out of everything. On top that, the Oscars themselves suck the life out of some of the most talented people working. It's a very tough gig. Chris did fine.

I’m going to finish watching the Oscars now and hope it doesn’t suck the energy out of me.

Great shows this week. On Monday I talk to Scott Ian from Anthrax. Great guy, great talk. On Thursday I talk comedy with Iliza Schlesinger. Good times.


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