I Had to Go.

Greetings, People

Firstly, thanks for checking out my special ‘More Later’ on Hulu and Amazon. Glad you liked it. I’m glad it’s now out there a bit more and available.

Well, I guess I’ll just tell you what’s up. Last week I worked with Ron Perlman and MC Gainey on ‘Maron.’ We shot the last two episodes of the season. I wrote the finale. I don’t think anyone can foresee what is going to happen and I don’t think there is any way I am spoiling anything. This season is so off the grid from the last three that I feel I can give you these little tidbits. Speculate away! It is so amazing to work with actors. They both had a great time and did a great job. I don’t think MC Gainey has ever played a part that wasn’t menacing or evil. He was happy to do it and dug the material and the character. He related! They both did. Made me proud. Perlman is a character. I will try to get them both on the podcast.

So, the other night I was invited to someone’s house for a party. I don’t usually go to parties but this was a friend and business associate and… Jeff Tweedy was supposed to play an acoustic set in the living room after dinner. What? This seemed like a pretty highfalutin party to me, almost awkward in my mind. A guy just pays to have one of the best songwriters and musical artists of his generation play in his house. I had to go. Turns out I was wrong about the whole thing and it was an amazing evening.

The host was Jeff Ulrich, who is the mastermind behind Earwolf, Midroll and Howl. He is an unsung hero in the evolution of podcasting. He sold his company a while back and is now transitioning into the great unknown and moving away from LA. He has been a great friend of our show and podcasting in general. He created a platform so many of us could use to monetize our shows with advertising along with a network of great podcasts and the new Howl app. Jeff is from Chicago and he bid at a charity event for an evening with Jeff Tweedy and got it. All the money he paid went to charity and we all got to hang out and watch Tweedy do a 30 song, two-hour-plus set spanning his entire career. It was amazing to hear all those songs acoustic and just see what a pro he is. He’s also hilarious and self-effacing and it was some of the best between tune banter I’ve seen from any musician. Amazing night. And because Jeff Ulrich reads these I want to thank him and wish him nothing but the best.

Today I talk to comedian Bonnie McFarlane about her career, her rural childhood and her marriage to Rich Vos. Yes, she married Rich Vos. On Thursday I talk to Dweezil Zappa about his music and his relationship to his father’s music. Great week.

Boomer lives!