I need it out.

We are in it, People

Is this year dragging? Slow start. It will pick up. Kidding. I’m not that cynical. I am ready to get back to work. I’ve done all the vacationing I can handle. It’s been nice but life starts to lose its meaning when everyone is just sort of ambling through the world half awake and hungover. That’s my take anyway. Obviously I’ve been working but the timing of New Year’s Eve into this last weekend just seemed to make everyone loopy and lost. I will be glad to get back into the writing of Season Three of ‘Maron.’

Speaking of the TV show, thanks for all the amazing feedback on Season Two. I had no idea that so many people hadn’t seen it until it went up on Netflix over the holidays. I am overwhelmed by the reaction. It felt like no one had actually watched when it was on television. Just humbled and happy people like it so much. We’re coming into the home stretch of the writing process for this season and I think the stories are great. It’s going to be good. I’m looking forward to shooting it.

I’ve been going through old shit which is a hit or miss experience. I need to throw shit away. I need to give shit away. I need it out of my house and life. I negotiate with objects like a hoarder. I have a stack of t-shirts from places or times in my life that just don’t exist anymore. Obviously the times in my life don’t exist except in my selective memory of them but there were things I wore that were essential to those times. They were magical objects that I needed for safety or to define who I was. They are devoid of meaning now other than to use as portals to how lost I was when I needed a t-shirt to protect me. Also, so much of the stuff that I have in my house has to do with women I have been with. I still use the Fiestaware I got for my first marriage. On the surface I don’t think it has any meaning other than I am lazy and the plates are still good but know I think it may be a way for me to hold onto whatever grief resides in the corner of my mind about my life. So, I’m getting rid of a lot of shit. I am not defined by my past relationships and I can afford fucking new plates.

Stripping shit away is the way I’m starting the year. Let's get to the truth of me. Still no nicotine going on five weeks. Clearing shit out of the way. Looking for the pure.

Outstanding shows this week. Directors! On Monday I talk to Paul Thomas Anderson and on Thursday I talk to Richard Linklater. These guys are visionary filmmakers. It was an honor to talk to them.


Boomer lives!