Giving up the dread.

Hola, Friends-

First off, I had a great time at Largo last Thursday. If you were among the people that came out for the show---thanks for coming out. It’s a very strange experience to do long sets without my friend, Nicotine Lozenge, in my mouth keeping me grounded. It went great. I can manage my emotions without a crutch. Who knew? I did. It’s just been a while and apparently I would rather make myself feel like I’m about to have the worst set in my life then just keep positive. It’s more exciting that way and everything feels like a victory when it’s not a total disaster. Ridiculous. I’m done with it. The dread. I’m nervous about giving up the dread. I dread being without dread.

We are heading into the last week of writing for the third season of ‘Maron’ on IFC. A week from today we begin shooting the show. The insanity begins. We shoot an episode in three days. The pace is crazy but I feel ready. I’ve been running, eating well and focusing on keeping my shit together. It’s going to be good, right? Yes. Seriously? Yes. I’m ready. Sorry, I’m talking to myself. It’s going to be amazing.

I did something a little out of the ordinary this week. I’ve been feeling a little weird for not talking about the Bill Cosby situation. It is something that is happening in the world but Cosby is a comedian. My show is part of the community of comedians. I have not figured out a way to talk about it because I’m not sure what my feelings were or where I stood because I was copping out with the ‘due process’ excuse. Look, everyone deserves due process and everyone is innocent until proven guilty—in court. In life, it just doesn’t always work out that way. I found myself saying, "If he did it, he’s a horrible sociopathic serial rapist." If he did it? Well, this is not going to court and he’s not going to cop to it. There will be no due process. The statute of limitations is presumably up in most cases and, let's be honest, the powerful are above the law. So, I have to have an opinion. Given the number of accusations it’s become pretty clear to me that he did it. What does that mean? What happens now? I knew that Judd Apatow has been pretty outspoken on keeping the conversation alive about Cosby on Twitter so I thought I would give him a call and talk about what the reality of the accusations, the lack of response and the reality that Bill Cosby did some awful shit means at the very least to our community. It was a good talk.

Along with Judd on Monday I have a long chat with Jeff Garlin and I actually got a few words in. On Thursday I talk to Mike Judge about his career but we also caught up about what it is like to grow up in Albuquerque, NM, which we both did.


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