400, man. That is crazy.

Okay, folks. We did it.

Today is the 400th episode of WTF. It’s insane. I’ve never done 400 of anything. It’s a pretty amazing achievement. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It is a fucking blast and I’m glad you all enjoy it. 400, man. That is crazy.

I really wanted to do the monologue for the show today from my garage. I was going to basically fly back to LA from Buffalo, which was great btw, and do the monologue for the 400th only to turn around and come back to NYC on Tuesday to tape Letterman on Wednesday. I got to the Buffalo airport and it was just one of those fucked flying days. It wasn’t even so much a weather issue. It was just a karmic issue. My biggest fear all weekend was that I wouldn’t be able to get home to get the monologue done and sure as shit it happened. My flight was cancelled, the one I switched to was 8 hours late with connections, but it was through Detroit instead of Chicago. I had already decided that I wasn’t going to make it home to do the show and that I would have to record in a bathroom at the airport or on the street. Luckily I had the gear. All I could think about was getting the opening for the 400th show done. Then I decided I would do it on my layover in Detroit (5 hours) and that would honor our guest appropriately being that it is Iggy Pop and he cut some of his teeth in the Detroit area. I had the poetry all worked out. I would be close to his source and it would read. Then I realized that I might not have the wifi necessary to move the files. That’s when I decided to just go to NYC. I have no clean clothes and nothing to wear for Letterman but I just wanted to be somewhere I could get the damn monologue done for the 400th show. There was an urgency to it. So, I did it. I flew to NYC, spent a shit ton of money on a hotel and will have to buy clothes. All of that only so I could get the monologue done. That urgency and need to get the podcast up and out no matter what has remained in me throughout the entire run of this show. It is the most important thing in my life.

The fact that Iggy Pop was actually in my garage is some kind of milestone, a goal, and an amazing event. The fact that if all goes well I will be sitting on the couch next to Lettermanon Wednesday is another milestone. I’ve worked my entire life to sit there for a few minutes. It all happened because of the podcast. It all happened because all of you dug it. Thank you.

I will have you know that I was nervous when Iggy came over. I was probably more nervous than I have ever been for a guest. He got out of his limo. Walked around back with me. Stood out of my deck, arms outstretched saying, "This is great.” And within minutes his shirt was off. If it were anyone else it would have been odd but that’s just Iggy. We walked together into the garage, me with my shirt on and him with shirt off and we talked. It was just fucking great.

This is actually a huge week on the show because on Thursday Cheech and Chong are in the garage. Who doesn't love Cheech and Chong? They were the first comedy I heard on vinyl and they seared themselves into my brain when I was like 8. It was a fucking honor and a pleasure to talk to them and their story is completely surprising and amazing.

Thank you all for listening.

Boomer lives!