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WTF - The Origin of the Name “Cheech and Chong”

Full episode out 6/27


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Mike@WTFDiego June 26, 2013 at 7:33 pm

I got their album “Los Cochinos” for Christmas when I was thirteen and it had just come out that summer. I had already heard “Up His Nose” and Sister Mary Elephant on the radio. “Earache My Eye” was genius and it still holds up.

I can’t wait for the interview.

Mark Sweetman June 30, 2013 at 9:46 am

You are being drawn to Detroit.  Or, at least, the shadow that was Detroit.  You are in a circling pattern.  Don’t you see it?  New Jersey, New Mexico, Boston, LA, Boston again, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles again, all to avoid the inevitable . . . your very being longs for the grit that creates the glorious, deep, soulful art from the land in and around the Motor City.  Marshall Crenshaw, Iggy Pop, Tommy Chong, Paul Feig, Sandra Bernhart, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jon Glaser, Andrew WK, Keegan-Michael Key, Jack White.  You must see the pattern.
It’s a shit-hole, yes, but look at those names and tell me the grounds surrounded by the Great Lakes are not fertile.


PS: Lily Tomlin, Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner, to name a few more Michigan connected artists on my wish list for WTF.