Pete Holmes

Episode 788 - Norah Jones / Pete Holmes

Singer-songwriter Norah Jones can float between multiple genres of music with ease, whether its jazz or standards or country or acoustic pop. That's not surprising when you consider how she was influenced by her Texas roots, her early piano playing, performing arts school and her estranged father, who she only got to know later in life. Plus, Pete Holmes stops by to test how prickly Marc will get as they talk about Pete's new HBO series, 'Crashing.' This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron.

Episode 279 - Live from SF Sketchfest

Pete Holmes wrestles with a false premise, Arden Myrin looks for a cookie hammer, Geoff Bolt gets touchy, Laraine Newman revisits Season 1 of SNL, and Will Durst pinpoints the problem with liberals. It’s a live WTF from Sketchfest in San Francisco! This episode is sponsored by Click on the microphone and enter WTF to start a no-risk trial and get a $110 bonus offer.

Episode 171 - Craig Robinson, Pete Holmes, Ari Shaffir, Jim Earl, Eddie Pepitone

It’s live WTF from The Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles. Ari Shaffir explains his deep abiding love for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Pete Holmes tries to make sense of Marc’s open hostility toward him. The Office’s Craig Robinson reveals his favorite use of Twitter. Plus, Jim Earl remembers the dearly departed and Eddie Pepitone lashes out. This episode is sponsored by Pro Flowers. Click here and use the code WTF for a special Mother’s Day offer.