Moshe Kasher

Episode 803 - Baron Vaughn / Moshe Kasher

Baron Vaughn knows that growing up without a father and sharing a bunk bed with grandma can ignite the comedy spark. He tells Marc about being a latchkey kid watching cable TV and drawing inspiration from the black comedians of the early '90s. With a successful comedy and acting career to his name, Baron was also able to document his search for the father he never knew. Plus, Moshe Kasher returns to the garage to explain why he wants to get to the bottom of the trickiest stuff in his new show Problematic. This episode is sponsored by and Casper.

Episode 292 - Live from Gilda’s LaughFest

Amber Preston makes a filthy discovery, Alan Zweibel remembers his first joke, Kevin Nealon has grooming problems, Drew Hastings explains how he became a mayor, and Tommy Johnagin avoids a fistfight with help from Moshe Kasher. Taped at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as part of Gilda’s LaughFest. Sponsored by Comedy Bang! Bang!, Audible and Adam and Eve.