Amber Preston

Episode 576 - Whitney Cummings / Shelby Fero / Pamela Adlon / Desi Jedeikin / Amber Preston

Live from the LA Podfest, Whitney Cummings deals with codependency, Shelby Fero reckons with being a black sheep, Pamela Adlon doesn’t understand why nipples aren’t allowed on TV, Desi Jedeikin tries to explain what her tweets mean, and Amber Preston surveys the wreckage of a breakup. This episode is sponsored by 1-800 Flowers and NatureBox.

Episode 292 - Live from Gilda’s LaughFest

Amber Preston makes a filthy discovery, Alan Zweibel remembers his first joke, Kevin Nealon has grooming problems, Drew Hastings explains how he became a mayor, and Tommy Johnagin avoids a fistfight with help from Moshe Kasher. Taped at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as part of Gilda’s LaughFest. Sponsored by Comedy Bang! Bang!, Audible and Adam and Eve.