Fred Stoller

Episode 812 - AJ Mendez Brooks / Fred Stoller

As AJ Lee, she was a larger than life superhero who won the WWE women's wrestling championship three times. But as AJ Mendez Brooks, she spent most of her life coping with mental illness. AJ tells Marc why she decided to open up about her struggles now that she's retired from wrestling. Also, Fred Stoller stops by again, this time with some insecurity over the interviews he did for his new book. This episode is sponsored by Mogul on Spotifyand Lewis Black: The Rant is Due on Audible Channels.

Episode 641 - Jake Kasdan / Fred Stoller

Writer/director Jake Kasdan inherited some good show business genes from his father. But he’s paved his own way, whether it was through his work on shows like Freaks and Geeks or by writing and directing his own feature films. Jake and Marc discuss if it all played out the way Jake had hoped. Plus, past guest Fred Stoller drops in to explain how things have changed since his last appearance on WTF. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace, Review on Comedy Central,, Draft Kings, and the new film Steve Jobs.

Episode 246 - Fred Stoller

Fred Stoller broke into comedy during the boom period of the 1980s. He worked with up-and-comers like Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld. He was on every television show that would feature stand-ups. By 1993, he quit. Fred talks to Marc about the struggle of being and remaining Fred Stoller. This episode is sponsored by Real Time with Bill Maher, Comedy Central, and Adam and Eve.