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Episode 245 - Todd Glass

Todd Glass returns to the garage for a very different conversation than the one he and Marc shared the last time. It’s an honest, open discussion unlike any other heard on WTF. This episode is sponsored by Click the radio mic and enter WTF for a no-risk trial offer.


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Jenn Proud May 30, 2014 at 9:47 am

Have any of you ever checked to see how much a subscription cost? It’s less than coffee.

Jon June 02, 2014 at 8:55 pm

I just wish that this episode was at least not placed in the category of the most difficult to access.  There are episodes that are free and there are episodes that are available for single-episode purchase.  This one is the most expensive and most technologically involved method, which is signing up for a premium membership, setting up the method of podcast access, etc…. rather than just clicking to listen or going to and iTunes search and clicking on “buy” and then clicking on play.  The premium membership is so much more involved, and then one has to go through a whole process to once again scroll through all of the podcasts looking for the episode all over again.  It’s just a shame that this episode has the most difficult and involved and expensive of all methods offered for WTF episodes. I would think that almost no young people have the ability to go through that whole process when looking for motivation for waiting through years of living with unsupportive and controlling family and schools without their own devices and bank accounts, when an example of how it really does get better would be so nice for them to be able to access.

Carla June 16, 2014 at 1:01 pm

I worked as a waitress at the Dallas Improv in the late 90’s and had the opportunity to meet Todd many times.  Todd is a genuinely decent person, very thoughtful and enjoyable to be with, unlike other comedians I’ve met.
I’m so proud of him for getting up the courage to be honest and I’m sure this will only strengthen his comedy.
To the guy who left the previous message: You’re living in the most technologically advanced age ever and you’re still bitchin’.  Seriously, dude, I watched the first episode of SNL on a black and white tv with tin foil on the antennae. It probably took you all of 15 minutes to get this episode. 70 years ago they didn’t even have refrigerators, they had ice boxes to keep food cold.
This is the most spoiled, selfish generation ever.