What’s up, Folks?

I’m in the air, in a little plane, flying out of the Utah desert.

I really want to thank everyone in Salt Lake City for coming out. I’ve been to Wiseguys quite a few times at this point. Enough to have seen a few different locations come and go. The one downtown is an odd space but a good club. We sold out four shows which I think is about the maximum amount of people I can draw in SLC. About 1,000. Maybe I’m not giving myself enough credit but it just feels like all the people in that city who are into what I do come out. I’m not complaining I appreciate it. It’s just an odd place.

I always seem to forget what it feels like to go there until I get there and I always go back so I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s sort of a fascinating vibe. There’s certainly no place else like it. There’s just there’s an awkward vibrating balance going on there. It’s not tense that I can tell. You do feel the presence of the Mormon history and it weighs on the place but it's kind of engaging and mysterious. That and the heat and the high altitude and the sterility of the downtown area make for a kind of dark but interesting vibe. I always walk around for hours when I’m there, even in the heat. It’s a good place to get worn down and think for some reason.

The shows are always pretty exciting because by the fourth show, the late one on Saturday, I’m pretty loopy from walking and thinking and I always seem to improvise there. Finding the through line for the new shit. It was a wild show.

On a less mystical note, they have a great farmer’s market there on Saturdays in Pioneer Park. A lot of fruit, vegetables, baked good, food and crafts. I bought some wooden spoons from a wooden spoon guy. I got tired of looking at my wooden spoons so a spent a little bread for a handcrafted wooden spoon upgrade.

Today on the show I talk to Jay Leno. I know, right? I didn’t think that would ever happen but it did. There were a few very specific things I wanted to cover with him. Back in the day he was one of the best comics working, well-respected, prolific. Then over time, because of several events, a lot the comic community seem to sour on him and lose respect for him. We talk about that a bit. On Thursday the very charming, very funny, very Irish, Chris O’Dowd and I talk about the things. Great talks!


Boomer lives!