Nineteen Years.

I had 19 years sober on Aug. 9th. Few days ago. Crazy.

I didn’t mention it on Thursday because I record the day before and you never know what can happen. Maybe I’d hit my head Wednesday night and think the last 19 years had been a dream and I was 35 years old and I would head to a bar, have a few drinks, get some blow and wonder where all my stuff was and whose house did I have keys to. That wasn’t going to happen. I actually just spaced it. Yes. I know it seems like something you would be vigilant about and would always have it situated firmly in the front of your mind but that is not the case. Thankfully.

Yes, I amazed and happy and grateful to be sober but It is something I just am now. It’s not a struggle or a fight or hard. It just is. When I tweeted I was 19 years sober a lot of people responded with things like ‘what an accomplishment’ or ‘that’s hard work’ or ‘how’d you do it?’ These are all fair things to ask or say but the truth is if you stop drinking and do at least some of the work, eventually you won’t think about drinking or doing drugs every second of the day or really at all for that matter. One of the core promises of the program is that the obsession will be lifted. It happens at different times for people but it happens. Jesus, if I still wanted to drink and use every day after 19 years that would suck. I don’t. If I do, I do it on purpose to see what my brain does. It knows it can’t. Deeply.

Over time, if you don’t drink or use, you don’t. Though you have to remain a vigilant because you don’t want to one day just think you can because it’s been a while. I’ve seen people do that and die or never come back. If you are an addict or alcoholic you should be scared to death of drugs and alcohol because, with your help, they are definitely trying to kill you.

Thanks for all the congratulatory feedback. I’ll take it. I earned it. It is just who I am now and I am grateful for that. It is an amazing achievement that really does happen one day at time. Early on it was a minute at a time. It is better. It is good. 

In other news, LaFonda was sick but I think she’s going to be okay. I went into it a bit on the show.

Today I talk to Jimmy O. Yang. He’s a quirky, funny guy. I really liked meeting him and chatting. On Thursday I talk to guitar legend Joe Walsh. That was a tricky talk. No easy flowing convo but it was great to hang out with him. He’s very sober by the way.


Boomer lives!